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Avoid Metal Wires and Brackets with Invisalign Orthodontics

 Teeth straightening with Invisalign is an ideal solution for teens and adults. But straight teeth are more important than just aesthetics. A consultation with your dentist will reveal exactly how you can benefit by correcting your malocclusion with Invisalign clear aligners.  Traditional braces involve placing metal brackets on teeth; affixing wires to the brackets; and [...]

September 12th, 2017|Categories: cosmetic dentistry, Dentist Santa Ana, Invisalign|

Restore Your Smile with Dentures

Tooth loss can occur for many reasons … an accident or trauma; deep or untreated decay; gum disease … whatever the cause the loss of one or more teeth can be devastating. Missing teeth can impact how you chew, speak, and your appearance. But you can rely on your dentist to help you restore lost [...]

June 18th, 2017|Categories: Dentist Santa Ana, dentures|

Tips for Relieving Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is more common than some people think. In fact, this type of anxiety can be so severe that some patients may forego necessary dental treatment because the thought of being in a dentist’s office induces intense panic and fear. Our dentist understands that dental anxiety is problematic to some patients and for this reason, [...]

A smile makeover: Are veneers my only option?

A smile makeover is a term that refers to a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures that address various issues with your smile. The procedures chosen depend upon your personal goals and what you’d like your teeth to look like after treatment. Your dentist can help assemble a personalized treatment schedule to give you the smile [...]

Is Your Mouth Stressed Out?

Stress is an unfortunate fact of life and we all suffer from stress from time to time. However, when stress becomes too much, we often manifest our emotions into physical actions as a coping mechanism. For example, when under duress some folks may fidget or worse, clench or grind their teeth. Not only does stress [...]

June 22nd, 2015|Categories: Dentist|

Adjusting to Dentures: What should I expect during the first few weeks?

Receiving a set of custom dentures is an exciting time for patients who have suffered with tooth loss. Since tooth loss negatively affects every day life, receiving new teeth gives many patients hope. Replacing lost teeth is very important for regaining oral function as well as improving one’s outlook on life. Many patients with tooth [...]

June 8th, 2015|Categories: dentures|